The Afghan Hound

Quick Facts

- Best for Experienced dog owners
- Best with older children
- Fine with other dogs
- Medium size
- Medium exercise need
- Medium shedding
- Low watchdog abilities
- Low ease of training

Afghan Hounds are descendants of the most ancient of Sighthounds. Their ancestors were much prized by Afghani Chieftains for hunting wild goats, deer, wolves and snow leopards. Despite their slim and almost delicate appearance, they are strong dogs, powerful and spirited when on the hunt. Afghan Hounds were not often seen outside their own homeland until the 1920s when they first appeared in Great Britain. From there, they quickly spread throughout Europe and then to North America.

Afghan Hounds have the typical Sighthound disposition. They are gentle and dignified, sensitive, quiet and sweet natured. They are loving with their family and close friends, but are not what could be considered cuddly dogs. They are definitely not social butterflies and tend to be rather aloof with strangers. Despite, their suspicion of strangers, they are too gentle to be considered good guard dogs.

Despite their sweet temperament, they are best suited for experienced dog owners. Training needs to be firm and consistent, yet patient and gentle. They are sensitive dogs who do not take well to yelling, hitting or any type of brutality. If mistreated, Afghan Hounds can become skittish, fearful and aggressive. They have an independent streak and may ignore commands or respond slowly, owners need to be patient.

Afghan Hounds fit best into an adult home or one with older children. They are not always the most patient dogs and many find rambunctious young children too much to handle. They are usually fine with other dogs, but due to their innate hunting instincts are not always trustworthy around small animals. Some can safely live with cats, especially when raised with them, other cannot.

Afghan Hounds are lovely elegant dogs that fit well into either a city or country home. Like all Sighthounds, their exercise needs are easily taken care of by a few walks a day and some regular time of free running. Care needs to be taken whenever they are allowed off lead, as hunting is in their blood and they can be gone in moments. When full grown, they make excellent bicycling, jogging and rollerblading companions. Most Afghan Hounds love lure coursing and some enjoy agility trials and conformation shows.

Appearance and Grooming:
With their beautiful long coats, Afghan Hounds have an air of nobility and elegance. They are tall lithe dogs, standing 25-29 inches and weighing 50-60 pounds. Their long coat requires dedication to keep it neat and tangle free. They come in brown, silver, cream, black, grey and wheaten.

Typical of their Sighthound heritage, Afghan Hounds are sensitive to medications and chemicals. They should never be given any types of drugs or have flea sprays and powders used on them unless absolutely necessary. They are susceptible to hip dysplasia, cancer, allergies, cataracts and paralysis. They do well in both hot and cold climates.


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