The Ibizan Hound

Quick Facts

- Good for novice owners
- Good with children
- Good with other household dogs
- Medium-large size
- High exercise needs
- Medium shedding
- Medium watchdog abilities
- Medium ease of training

Ibizan Hounds are descendents of ancient Egyptian hunting dogs. They got their name from the Mediterranean Island of Ibiza where they were extremely popular. The American Kennel Club officially recognized them in 1979.

Unlike other Sighthounds, Ibizan Hounds use not only sight for hunting, but also scent and hearing. They have been used to hunt everything from hare, rabbits, birds, foxes and partridge. They are also capable trackers, able to work on almost any terrain and excellent retrievers.

Ibizan Hounds are gentle and well mannered. They are good-natured engaging dogs with a bit of a playful mischievous side. They are intelligent and fairly easy to train, making them a fine choice for the novice dog owner. They do not take well to boring repetitive training nor harsh training, positive reward focused techniques work best. Some can be a little timid so early socialization is important to help them grow into confident well-balanced adults.

Ibizan Hounds are quiet and usually laid back when indoors, not one to make a lot of ruckus. They adapt well to city life as long as their exercise needs are meant. They are active athletic dogs and need at least a couple of hours of exercise daily to keep them fit and happy. They are chasers and can be off in pursuit in seconds, care should be taken when allowing them off lead. Ibizan Hounds make good bicycling, jogging and rollerblading companions and usually enjoy lure coursing, agility and obedience trials, scent hurdles and conformation shows. They are excellent escape artists and can easily jump all but the tallest fences.

Ibizan Hounds are usually good with children and most do well with other household dogs. However, males are often aggressive with strange male dogs and due to their natural hunting instincts cannot be trusted around small animals like rabbits and rodents. Some are trustworthy around cats when raised with them, some are not.

Ibizan Hounds are usually reserved with strangers. They are alert and make good watchdogs. They are usually quiet dogs, only barking when they need to give alarm.

Appearance and Grooming:
Ibizan Hounds are tall athletic majestic dogs that stand 22 ½ - 27 ½ inches at their withers and weigh between 42-50 pounds when full grown. Their short coat comes in red or lion colored with white feet, tail tip, chest, muzzle and blaze. Their grooming needs are minimal, requiring only a quick brushing once a week. They are average shedders.

Ibizan Hounds are a very healthy breed, rarely suffering for health issues. Allergies, cataracts, seizures and retinal dysplasia are occasionally seen. Like all Sighthounds, they are sensitive to medications and should only be given it when absolutely necessary. Their usual life span is 12-14 years.


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