The Terrier Dog Group

The word "Terrier" comes from the Latin word "terra", which means earth. Terriers are a group of dogs that were created to hunt and kill vermin. The majority of Terriers originated from the British Isles and Ireland. They were developed to be ferocious hunters that could work both above ground and below. Most Terriers were made to go to ground, which means they enter the den of their prey and... Read more

The Working Dog Group

The working dog group includes some of most formidable dogs around. These dogs were created to work hard. They were bred to guard home and livestock and to pull sleds or carts. Some working dogs also do water rescue, police and messenger work. Working dogs have worked hand in hand with man for thousands of years and have been an invaluable asset. In most kennel clubs, dogs that herd livestock a... Read more

The Toy Dog Group

The Toy dog group is made up of the smallest dogs from all the different dog groups. Many of the Toy dogs are descendants from Ancient lap dogs that were owned by Royalty and Nobles worldwide. While others come from the terrier, hunting or even working groups. Most Toy dog were originally larger than they are today. They were bred down through selective breeding to be an easy to care for conven... Read more

The Herding Dog Group

The Herding group is the newest of all the dog groups. Previously, the dogs that now fall into this group were part of the working dog group. Both the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club did not have a herding group previously to 1983. The United Kingdom Kennel club does not have a herding group, nor does the Australian Kennel club or several others.

The herding group is v... Read more

The Sighthound Dog Group

Sighthounds or Gazehounds are some of the oldest breeds in the world. Some have ancestors that can be traced all the way back to 6000 BC. They are primal dogs, full of instinct and drive. Sighthounds were developed to hunt game by sight. They would normally trot along side their owner until the game was seen and then they would run it down and kill it. Sighthounds can reach high speeds quickly,... Read more

The Scenthound Group

Scenthounds were developed to assist hunters by tracking prey. The long legged hounds were developed to run beside the hunter on horseback, while the short legged hounds were to work with the huntsman on foot. Scenthounds hunt by scent and are able to follow a trail days old over long distances. They are built more for stamina and endurance than great speed. Most Scenthounds howl or bay when th... Read more

Non-Sporting Dog Group

The Non-Sporting or Companion dog group is unlike the other dog groups which share many similar personality, work and appearance traits. The Non-Sporting group is extremely diverse, and the dogs within this group share only one common factor - they are now almost exclusively seen as companion dogs. A few of the breeds in the Non-Sporting group were developed for no other reason than to be top n... Read more

The Sporting Dog Group

In days long past, the word "sport" was used to refer to the hunting done by the nobility and rich for entertainment. The Sporting group, or gundog group if you are in Europe, consists of dogs that were developed to assist hunters by pointing, flushing and retrieving game. A large amount of the sporting dogs originated in Europe where the sport of hunting was once very popular.

Retrieve... Read more