The Chartreux

Chartreux are an old breed of cat that originated in France; their ancestors can be traced back to the 16th century. It is believed that the breed was brought to Europe during the Crusades and probably got their name "Chartreux" during the 17th century. The breed was listed in encyclopaedias in the early 18th century as a type of blue cat whose beautiful coat was prized by furriers. During the... Read more

The Manx Cat

The Manx shares ancestors with the British short-haired cat breed. They originated on the Isle of Man which is located off the coast of Great Britain. The breed developed several hundred years ago through a natural mutation that caused some of them to be born tailless, due to the Isles isolation the tailless cats became more and more common until they were the norm.

Temperament:... Read more

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a very old breed of cat, dating back at least a couple of thousand years. The place of their origins is debated, some fanciers believe that they originated in Ethiopia, while others believe they originated in Egypt. Sailors first brought the breed to England in the 1800s.

Abyssinians are active, playful and extroverted, always ready ... Read more

The Balinese

Occasionally, longhaired kittens are born in litters of Siamese cats. These longhaired Siamese kittens were at one time considered a fault and were called “Longhaired Siamese”. However, in the mid 1950s, two American breeders, Mrs. Marion Dorsey and Mrs. Helen Smith decided to purposefully breed Longhaired Siamese to create a new breed. Mrs. Smith gave the breed their name, as their beauty ... Read more

The Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Maus are an extremely old natural breed; they have been around since at least the time of the Pharaohs. As evidenced in ancient art, the breed is almost identical in appearance as it was 3000 years ago. The second part of their name "Mau" is Egyptian for "cat". The breed was first seen in Europe and North America the 1950s.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an old breed that developed naturally. The breed dates back to the time of the Norse Viking and is included in many of their old myths and legends. One Norse legend says that cats similar to the Norwegian Forest Cat called the "Skogkatt" were fairy cats that lived in the mountains and were able to climb sheer cliff faces that no ordinary cat could climb.

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The Bengal

The Bengal is a hybrid cross between a domestic cat, usually an Abyssinian, Egyptian Mau, Burmese or an American Shorthair, and an Asian Leopard Cat. Asian Leopard Cats are small wild cats that live in forested areas throughout Asia. They are generally not aggressive towards humans and hunt small prey like birds, rodents and fish.

Asian Bengal Cats have been bred with domestic cats many... Read more

The Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a relatively new breed, only being around since 1950. They originally hail from Cornwall, UK. The breed started from a kitten born in a litter of barn cats that had a genetic mutation that gave him very short fine curly hair. The kitten was bred with his mother which produced two more kittens with the genetic mutation, and from there the breed was developed. In 1957, two Corn... Read more