The Anole Lizard

The Anole lizard is native to Central America and the southern parts of the Untied States; however, due to their popularity as pets they are found almost worldwide in pet stores. Anole lizards are one of the more popular pet lizards are they are attractive and relatively inexpensive; Anole Lizards cost around $20 at most pet stores.

Anole lizards are no... Read more

Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is native to Australia. Bearded dragons are one of the larger pet lizards and are one of the most popular.

Bearded dragons are one of the friendliest and most social of the pet lizards. With daily socialization and gentle handling, bearded dragons can become quite tame and sociable. However, without proper socialization they are usuall... Read more

Green Iguana

Iguanas are one of the most widespread reptiles in the world. Iguanas can be found naturally throughout Central and South America, particularly in Mexico, Trinidad, Grenada, Curacao, Tobago, St. Vincent and St. Lucia. They can also be found in Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman and the Virgin islands; however, they are not native to these places but were brought th... Read more

Savannah Monitor Lizard

The Savannah monitor lizard is large reptile that can be found in the wild in the Ghana, Northern Zaire, and Togo areas of Africa. At one time, Savannah monitor lizards were held in high regard by the African tribal people, and some tribes considered them sacred or divine animals. Today, Savannah monitor lizards are hunted for their skin, popular zoo attractions and cherished pet... Read more

The Leopard Gecko

The Leopard gecko is a type of lizard that is native to the rocky areas of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Leopard geckos are one of the most popular pet reptiles as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to care for, excellent for novice reptile owners and very hardy and resistant to illness.

Leopard geckos are one of the most docile of... Read more

Chinese Water Dragon

As its name implies, the Chinese Water Dragon originates from Asia, and are most commonly found in China and India. In the wild, Chinese water dragons live around freshwater streams and lakes, and spend most of their times hidden in the surrounding trees and vegetation near the water edge. If threatened, Chinese water dragons usually head for the water, where they will either hid... Read more

Blue Tongue Skink

The Blue Tongue skink is a reptile that is native to the Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. The Blue Tongue skink is relatively new to the international pet trade and has only been sold as a pet for the last twenty years. Due to their docility and distinctive appearance they have been well received by reptile enthusiasts and have been gaining in popularity as pets.

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Fire Bellied Newt

There are two different species of fire-bellied newts that are commonly sold as pets, the Chinese Fire Bellied newt and the Japanese Fire Bellied newt. As their name implies, the two species are native to China and Japan. The two species are almost identical; however, the Japanese Fire Bellied newt is larger than the Chinese Fire Bellied newt. The Fire Bellied newt is an excellen... Read more