Clownfish are one of the most popular saltwater pet fish, especially since Disney‘s “Finding Nemo“ movie. They are typical found in tropical waters in the Pacific, Red, and Indian oceans. There are around 28 species of clownfish that come in an assortment of bright colors. Interestingly, all clownfish are born male and only the most dominant in the community will become female.Read more


The Lionfish is naturally found in the tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic ocean where they make their homes along the shorelines and reefs. Over the last twenty years, they have also started to appear in the Florida Keys. Lionfish are moderately popular saltwater pet fish; however, due to their aggressive nature and poisonous spines they are only suited for very expe... Read more

Snowflake Moray Eel

Snowflake moray eels are native to the Pacific Ocean, particularly around Hawaii or Fiji. The Snowflake moray eel should not be confused with the Snowflake eel from India. The Snowflake eel from India is a freshwater eel and generally not available for home aquariums. The Snowflake moray eel is one of the most common and popular eels sold as pets for home saltwater aquariums. All... Read more


In the wild, Hawkfish are found along the shoreline and reefs of the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Hawkfish are one of the most popular types of saltwater fish owned by fish hobbyists as they are relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain and are one of the hardiest pet saltwater fish. There are around 30 different species of Hawkfish; about half of them can be purchased as pets.... Read more


Seahorses are the most popular saltwater fish owned by fish hobbyists. Seahorses are typically found in tropical waters in the Pacific, Red, and Indian oceans. There are around 40 species of seahorses and the majority of species are available to fish hobbyists. Interestingly, the male seahorse will carry the young instead of the female.

Seahorses are tim... Read more


Triggerfish are native to the tropical reefs of the Pacific Oceans, particularly the coral reefs around Australia and Fiji. There are almost forty different species of Triggerfish; however only a few species are available for home aquariums. Triggerfish are moderately popular with saltwater fish enthusiasts.

Triggerfish are semi-aggressive and bold. Tri... Read more

Puffer Fish

Puffer fish are one of the most popular types of pet saltwater fish. Puffer fish are native to the Indian Ocean, the northern and southern parts of the Pacific Ocean, and rivers that connect to the ocean such as the Nile or Amazon River. There are over 30 different species of Puffer fish that live in saltwater, freshwater, and brackish water. The name Puffer fish comes from its a... Read more

The Dragonet

Dragonets are saltwater fish that are normally found in the tropical waters of the Pacific, Red, and Indian oceans. Dragonets are one of the most popular type of pet saltwater fish as they are very bright and colourful, and relatively easy to care for.

Dragonets are timid slow moving fish that should not be kept with aggressive predatory fish. Dragonets ... Read more