The Yorkshire Terrier

Quick Facts

- Best for experienced dog owners
- Best with older children
- Low compatibility with other animals
- Toy size
- Low to Medium exercise needs
- Very Low shedding
- Medium guard dog capabilities
- Low ease of training

The Yorkshire Terrier was developed in Yorkshire England in the 1800s. They were originally used to hunt rats in cotton mill and mines. They also competed in rat killing contests. They were originally twice the size they are today. The two primary dogs used in their development were the Waterside Terrier and the Broken-haired Scotch Terrier. Both of these dogs are extinct today.

Yorkshire Terriers are glamorous little dogs. They are clever, spirited, and full of fire and spunk. They are assertive dogs who like to get their own way and will take advantage of any weakness. They are best for those with experience. They can be hard to train and housebreak. Training is most successful when it is positive and reward focused.

Yorkshire Terriers are playful lively dogs, full of affection and love. They love to cuddle and be pampered. However, they should not be spoiled outrageously. Yorkshire Terriers should be treated like the solid intelligent dogs they are. Treating them like helpless babies and spoiling them can easily result in them becoming a temperamental tyrant.

Yorkshire Terriers make fine barking watchdogs. They are suspicious of strangers, alert and quick to give alarm at any perceived threat. However, they can get carried away with the barking if not taught otherwise. They are very dedicated protective dogs who without proper socialization can become dangerously aggressive. Early socialization and training are very important for this tenacious little dog.

Due to their fiery temperament, they are not the best for homes with young children. They can snap if irritated and can be possessive over their toys and food. Yorkshire Terriers tend to be scrappy with other animals.

Yorkshire Terriers do not require a huge amount of exercise, although they do need more than the average toy dog. They are Terriers. They need at least a couple of daily walks and some playtime in the house or yard. Yorkshire Terriers can participate in conformation shows, agility, obedience and den trials.

Appearance and Grooming:
Yorkshire Terriers are one of the smallest dog breeds. They measure 7-9 inches and weigh 3-7 pounds. Their beautiful long coat comes in a steel blue with tan markings. Despite having a long coat, they are minimal shedders and are considered hypoallergenic. To keep them neat and tidy, they should have their coat brushed every other day.

Yorkshire Terriers are a healthy breed, not prone to many problems. Owners should watch for Slipped stifle, teeth and gum problems and eye infections. They are sensitive to cold weather and need protection during the winter months. The biggest problem with Yorkshire Terriers is bad breeding. Perspective owners should buy from a breeder who breeds dogs that meet the breed standard. There is no such thing as a miniature or teacup Yorkshire Terrier. Often with these dogs, temperament has been sacrificed for size.


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