The German Shepherd

Quick Facts

- Best for experienced owners
- Good with children
- Good with other animals
- High exercise needs
- High shedding
- High guard dog capabilities
- High ease of training

German Shepherds hail from Germany. They were originally developed to herd and guard sheep. However, due to their great intelligence and ease of training, they quickly became one of the most renowned and respected working dogs worldwide. German Shepherds today are seen working side by side with man doing a variety of tasks. They are police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs and of course top notch companion dogs.

German Shepherds are loyal companions, courageous guardians and stalwart friends. They are intelligent, tractable and respond well to firm positive training. German Shepherds are best for those with experience. They are strong determined dogs that without proper guidance, socialization and exercise can become aggressive and dangerous. German Shepherds have the potential of being one of the best dogs around, yet can also be one of the worst. The dog they become is up to the dedication of their owner. When raised properly, German Shepherds are one of the best all around canines in the world.

German Shepherds are suspicious of strangers and do not take friendship lightly. They are exceptionally loyal dogs who will not hesitate to face any danger in defense of their loved ones. They make excellent protectors of family and home. However, they can get overprotective, early socialization is necessary. Some German Shepherds can be barkers.

German Shepherds are family oriented dogs and are a good choice for a home with children. However, they are dominant dogs and may refuse commands from family members that have not established leadership over them. Most German Shepherds get along well with other household pets, especially when raised with them. Some can be aggressive with strange dogs.

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs. They need both physical and mental activity to keep them calm and fit. They need at least a couple of hours of exercise daily. German Shepherds make excellent jogging and bicycling companions. They do well in many of the organized dog competitions; conformation shows, agility and obedience trials, tracking trials, schutzhund and scent hurdles.

Appearance and Grooming:
German Shepherds are large athletic dogs. They measure 23-25 inches at their withers and weigh 50-95 pounds. Their thick double coat comes in golden sable, grey sable, black, white, and black and tan. They shed year round. They require brushing twice a week.

German Shepherds are a popular dog breed and unfortunately are prone to numerous health problems. They are susceptible to skin conditions, cancer, chronic eczema, spinal paralysis, bloat, hip dysplasia, spinal paralysis, keratitis and gastric disorders. Perspective owners should look for a breeder who sells high quality puppies that come with a health guarantee. Look for a breeder that offers puppies from OFA registered parents. German Shepherds have an usual lifespan of 10-12 years.


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