Cichlids are native to the rivers of Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. Cichlids are one of the most numerous and largest tropical fish families in the world; they have over 1,650 different species in their family. Cichlids are related to wrasse, damselfish, and surfperches. Cichlids are very common and popular tropical fish; however, they are best suited for experience... Read more

Viper Boa

The viper boa is native to Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, and the numerous islands that surround Indonesia. The Viper boa is the smallest pet species of Asian boa. The viper boa gets its name from its appearance and temperament; viper boas look like the highly venomous death adder, and many share the death adder's aggressive temperament. Viper boas are generally not commonly avail... Read more


Ponies are found worldwide and are one of the most popular rural pets. Ponies have been domesticated for hundreds of years and have been used as beasts of burdens, farm helpers, transportation, children’s mounts, and for racing. Today, especially in countries like North America and Europe, the biggest role ponies play are beloved companions and pets. Worldwide, there are over 100... Read more


Anthias are native to the tropical waters and reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans. There are about 10 different species of anthias available as pets. Anthias are quite popular with saltwater fish hobbyists, as they are brightly colored and moderately peaceful. Anthias are best suited for experienced saltwater fish owners, as they tend to be difficult to maintain. Anthias are h... Read more


Hamlets are typically found in coral reefs in the Caribbean sea and the gulf of Mexico. Hamlets are one of the most popular type of saltwater fish sold as pets, as they are very colourful and attractive. Due to their moderately aggressive temperament, hamlets are best for experienced saltwater fish hobbyists. Hamlets resemble small groupers or sea bass.

... Read more

Hippos and Anteaters, Oh My!

When most of us think of animals that make great pets, we generally think of common pets like cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other small rodents and reptiles. However, some people prefer something a little more unusual and exotic as a pet. Ms Goodwin, a freelance writer and exotic animal expert from Oregon, USA has a rescued pet Tamandua anteater named Pua. Ms. Goodwin keeps her beloved anteate... Read more

Pet Rodents and Other Small Pets

There are numerous pet rodents and other small animal that make excellent pets. They require less daily commitment than a traditional dog or cat and are generally less expensive to maintain. Small pet rodents and other similar animals are often considered good first pets or good pets for children; however, many of the pet rodents and other small pets are too sensitive and nervous to be make goo... Read more